Publications by Year: 2011

D. Shuai, Wang, C., Genc, A., and Werth, C. J., “A new geometric method based on two-dimensional transmission electron microscopy for analysis of interior versus exterior Pd loading on hollow carbon nanofibers,” Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 2, no. 9, pp. 1082–1087, 2011. Publisher's VersionAbstract
Hollow carbon nanofibers (CNFs) are being explored as catalyst supports because of their unique properties. Internal versus external loading of metal nanoparticles impacts catalytic performance; we developed a fast and accurate geometric analysis method based on two-dimensional transmission electron microscopy (2D TEM) images to estimate Pd internal versus external loading percentages. Three different Pd-loaded CNF catalysts were prepared using methods reported in the literature to yield different amounts of Pd inside loading. Results indicate the percentage of inside-loaded Pd increases as expected in the three samples (from 22.7 ± 17.8%, to 47.2 ± 22.8%, to 71.4 ± 19.7%, based on Pd nanoparticle number). We compared percent inside loading values for one segment of a Pd-loaded CNF using our method and three-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy (3D STEM), and observed adequate agreement (27.8% vs 32.7%). Our geometric analysis method is proposed as a more straightforward and fast way to evaluate metal nanoparticles on tubular supports.