Li-Chen Lin, RN, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing

School of Nursing


Project Summary:

People are more likely to be impacted by chronic conditions with increased age. The complexity and number of chronic conditions are likely to increase as people age that may affect their quality of life. Many aging processes such as decreased vision acuity and loss of balance could easily complicate the management of chronic conditions. Many older adults have to manage their own complex-medication regimens. Managing medications is an important part for older adults living with chronic conditions. The number and types of medications needed are likely to increase with number and complexity of chronic conditions. This makes it even more challenging for people to live and manage their chronic conditions.

 When people are able to manage their chronic conditions and medication regimens, their perceived quality of life is more positive. Our current project focuses on improving clinical patient outcomes by enhancing medication learning using clinical resources available. Assessment of patient-family experiences and their understanding of medication once home is generally unknown, yet health literacy is key to guiding teaching and learning. Health literacy deficits can contribute to poor understanding of medications resulting in preventable complications. Our team strives to provide the most excellent and compassionate teaching to our patients that we have the privilege to work with and be part of their recovery process.



My training has focused on clinical excellence in the areas of neuroscience nursing and rehabilitation. Continuing my practice in an acute rehabilitation unit with an interdisciplinary team has provided me with the unique opportunity to work with many patients with various chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, cerebral palsy, and many more. Having the privilege to facilitate these people achieving their mile stone of recovery is extremely rewarding. Partnering with patients and their families in rehabilitation to help them regain or even surpass their functions holistically is the joy of being a nurse.


Collaborative Interests:

Given the increasing aging population world-wide, US included, it is essential to explore ways to facilitate healthy aging in all places (home, independent living, facilities, etc.). I am interested in collaborations on building a healthy aging community. 

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