Reversible ultrafast melting in bulk CdSe


W. Wu, He, F., and Wang, Y., “Reversible ultrafast melting in bulk CdSe,” Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 119, pp. 055701, 2016.


In this work, transient reflectivity changes in bulk CdSe have been measured with two-color femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy under a wide range of pump fluences. Three regions of reflectivity change with pump fluences have been consistently revealed for excited carrier density, coherent phonon amplitude, and lattice temperature. For laser fluences from 13 to 19.3 mJ/cm2, ultrafast melting happens in first several picoseconds. This melting process is purely thermal and reversible. A complete phase transformation in bulk CdSe may be reached when the absorbed laser energy is localized long enough, as observed in nanocrystallineCdSe.


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