Private Access files for Current Students

The files listed below are for current students only. Students need to be registered with Dr. Taleff using the email address listed in the Main UT directory. If you do not have access or are having difficulties, email Dr. Taleff for assistance. Permissions are added to the files at the appropriate time during the semester. All files are not available at the beginning of the semester.

File name, date last modified, size of file

ASTM_C1161_13.pdf, 19-Jan-2014 14:59, 373K
ASTM_C1421_10.pdf, 19-Jan-2014 15:04, 935K
ASTM_E6_09b.pdf, 19-Jan-2014 15:01, 155K
ASTM_E8_08.pdf, 29-Aug-2008 11:03, 364K
ASTM_E399_12.pdf, 19-Jan-2014 15:02, 712K
ASTM_E1820_08a.pdf, 25-Nov-2009 13:05, 809K
BookErrata_Spring2014.pdf, 09-Jan-2014 14:12, 49K
CrystalSymmetry.pdf, 09-Jan-2014 10:13, 82K
DislocationsHandout.pdf, 27-Feb-2014 08:28, 100K
HW01.pdf, 13-Jan-2014 15:54, 53K
HW02.pdf, 20-Jan-2014 10:49, 66K
HW03.pdf, 27-Jan-2014 15:30, 80K
HW04.pdf, 05-Feb-2014 11:19, 81K
HW05.pdf, 06-Feb-2014 17:28, 58K
JMaterSci_v28n9y1993p2395.pdf, 05-Feb-2014 08:15, 785K
ModCalcTutorial.pdf, 25-Jan-2014 17:13, 278K
ModulusMaps.nb.pdf (.nb file saved in Word 11 unicode 6 UTF 8), 20-Jan-2014 11:44, 912K
ModulusMaps.pdf,20-Jan-2014 11:53, 2.7M* large file
Slides_L02.pdf, 16-Jan-2014 08:06, 51K
Slides_L11.pdf, 06-Feb-2014 15:50, 501K
Slides_L12.pdf, 10-Oct-2005 19:10, 194K
Sol01.pdf, 13-Jan-2014 15:53, 96K
Sol02.pdf, 06-Feb-2014 12:39, 149K
Sol03.pdf, 27-Jan-2014 15:31, 147K
Sol04.pdf, 05-Feb-2014 07:51, 92K
Sol05.pdf, 06-Mar-2014 09:25, 81K
ex110.m.pdf (.m file saved as PDF), 05-Sep-2006 11:01, 1.2K
octave.pdf, 19-Jan-2014 14:31, 3.4M* large file