High-Temperature Equipment Instructions

1. Turn on the chilled-water recirculation system.

Image 1, Locate the controls.

Locate the controls for the chilled-water recirculation pump on the north wall of room ETC 8.116.

Image 2. Control switch to AUTO.

Turn the pump control switch to the AUTO position.

2. Turn on the main power switch.

Image 3, main power switch

The main power switch is on the west wall of room ETC 8.116, near the chilled-water recirculation system. To enable power to the left-most power connector, put the switch in the top ON position. This is the typical location for the instrument. If you have reconfigured the instrument for location at the right-most power connecter, use the bottom ON position to enable power to that connector.

3. Turn on the power to the controller unit.

Image 4, controller unit

The breaker for power on the large, blue controller unit of the furnace is located on the upper right side of the controller unit. Turn this to the ON position by pushing the switch upwards.

4. Turn on the control power.

Image 5, control power buttons

The control power buttons are located on the front of the controller unit at the upper left of the panel. Push the controller power to the ON position. The ON button should light up when the control power is on.


Do not turn on the Furnace Power yet.

5. Turn on the valves for the recirculated cooling water.

Image 6, cooling water valves

The valves which control recirculated cooling water to the furnace are located on the south wall of room ETC 8.116. Turn both of these valves to their ON positions. Proceed quickly to the next step.

6. Manually initiate the process for normal water flow.

Image 7, normal water flow

The water control system is located on the lower, front face of the furnace controller unit. Simultaneously hold down the Water Control Panel toggle switch and push in the black Reset button. While these switches are held ON the water control system enforces water flow from the recirculated chilled water system, as is used in normal operation. Once this flow is established, in the next step, the switches may be released. Be sure to manually hold each of these switches ON until the next step is complete.

7. Engage water flow for normal operation.

Image 8, water- normal operation

The digital water flow meter is located at the base of the furnace stand, on the same side as the furnace control unit. Keep the water control system switched held ON until the flow reaches at least 4 gal/min and is stable, then release the switches. The water control system should then automatically retain flow through the recirculated chilled water supply until low-flow condition is detected.

8. Turn on the back-up water supply.

Image 9, backup water supply

The valves controlling the city water supply source are located on the west wall of room ETC 8.116, directly behind the furnace system. Turn on both the first valve, leading to the T-split pipes, and the second valve to which the red supply hose is connected.


It is extremely important to make sure that this backup water supply is turned on. In the event of a low-flow condition or a power outage, this back-up supply is essential to ensure the furnace can safely cool back to room temperature.


Failure to assure that back-up water supply is turned on can result in personal injury and damage to the furnace system on the order of many tens of thousands of dollars!

9. Normal operation.

The furnace system is now ready for normal operation. Evacuate the furnace chamber as described in the manual, then operate as per instructions in the furnace manual for your particular testing application.

10. Shut-down procedure.

The cooling water and control panel should be shut down only after the furnace has cooled to within 10 °C of room temperature. Shut down the cooling water system using the following procedure.

  1. Close both valves on the city water supply.
  2. Close both valves on the chilled water supply.
  3. Turn the control panel power OFF.
  4. Turn off the power breaker on the side of the furnace controller unit.
  5. Turn the control switch for the chilled water recirculation system to the OFF position.
  6. Turn the main power switch on the west wall to the OFF position.
  • tal-ht-image1-288x216.jpg
  • Image 2. Control switch to AUTO.
  • Image 3, main power switch
  • Image 4, controller unit
  • tal-ht-image5-219x216.jpg
  • Image 6, cooling water valves
  • Image 7, normal water flow
  • Image 8, water- normal operation
  • image 9, backup water supply