Publications by Year: In Press

In Press
H. Daigle and Dugan, B., “Data report: permeability, consolidation, stress state, and pore system characteristics of sediments from Sites C0011, C0012, and C0018 of the Nankai accretionary complex,” Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Reports, In Press.
In Press, 2018
V. Puzyrev, Calo, V., and Torres-Verdin, C., “Interpretation of deep directional resistivity measurements acquired in high-angle and horizontal wells using 3D inversion,” Geophysical Journal International, In Press, 2018.
J. D. Escobar and Torres-Verdin, C., “Permeability sensitivity functions and rapid simulation of hydraulic testing measurements using perturbation theory,” Water Resources Research, In Press, 2018.
E. Bakolas, “Finite-Horizon Separation-Based Covariance
Control for Discrete-Time Stochastic Linear Systems
,” IEEE CDC. Miami, FL., In Press, 2018.
J. Selvakumar and Bakolas, E., “Robust Time-Optimal Guidance in a Partially Uncertain Time-Varying Flow-Field,” Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, In Press, 2018.
D. Pylorof and Bakolas, E., “Stabilization of Input Constrained Nonlinear
Systems with Imperfect State Feedback Using Sum-of-Squares
,” IEEE CDC. Miami, FL., In Press, 2018.