The Tissue Engineering, Nanotechnology, and Cancer Research Lab (TENCR) conducts research in many diverse areas including:

1) development of multimodal cancer therapies using novel nanomaterials in combination with laser treatment and irreversible electroporation,

2) measurement and modeling of biotransport and tumor response to therapy,

3) creation of systems for real time monitoring and control of dynamic biological processes (e.g. inflammation, tumor growth, and tissue regeneration),

4) stress conditioning strategies for tissue regeneration, and

5) creation and utilization of tumor representative systems for therapy development.

The lab is dedicated to uncovering fundamental knowledge leading to paradigm shifts in thought and 2) developing a repertoire of cutting edge technologies which could be clinically translated to impact a wide array of health care applications including cancer treatment and tissue regeneration. To facilitate rapid translation of our discoveries and technologies to the clinic, we have established multi-disciplinary collaborations with many exceptional academic researchers and industrial partners in addition to close synergy with physicians to develop the utility and impact of our technology.