A Truck Trip Generation Model for Williamson County, Texas: Survey Analysis


M. Khan and Machemehl, R., “A Truck Trip Generation Model for Williamson County, Texas: Survey Analysis,” Presented in 94th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board. 2015.


This paper uses ordered-response model and linear regression model structures to evaluate the demographic and land-use factors that affect truck trip generation at a regional level. The data used for this paper were collected from the business establishments located in Williamson County, Texas through a mailout-mailback survey conducted in year 2014. The paper presents the empirical results and discusses the policy implications of these results for urban planning. Model results show that industry type, size and the location of business establishments affect their truck trip generation behavior. Business establishments with larger number of employees are more likely to attract more truck traffic, whereas, businesses owning their trucks are more likely to produce more truck traffic. Businesses located in areas with higher land-values tend to generate less truck traffic whereas businesses located in industrial land-use types are likely to generate more truck traffic.