Active Research Projects:

  • Plasma- and electrically-assisted combustion and processing of fuels (Funding: KAUST)
  • Simulation of hypervelocity plasma jets in coaxial plasma accelerators (Funding: Dept. of Energy-NNSA)
  • Plasma-based Reconfigurable Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials  (Funding: Multi-University Research Initiative (MURI-2014), Air Force Office of Scientific Research)

  • Computational studies of electron emission from surfaces with embedded semiconductor devices (Funding: Dept. of Energy - National Science Foundation)
  • Studies of the Rail Plasma Actuator (RailPAc) for low-speed aerodynamic flow control (Funding: Army Research Office)

Past Research:

Prof. Raja has been active in a wide variety of research areas over the past two decades.  As evidenced by his list of peer-reviewed journal publications, the research topics he has worked on broadly include:

  • Compressible gas dynamics for gas-gun launcher

  • Nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics analysis

  • Capillary discharges for electrothermal-chemical ignition of  ballistic guns and for materials processing

  • Catalytic combustion

  • Metal-Organic and Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition for Materials Processing

  • Thermal Co-Evaporation Sources for Materials Deposition

  • Thermal Processing for Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Atmospherics Pressure Non-equilibrium Glow Discharges

  • High-Pressure Non-Equilibrium Microdischarges

  • Micro-Propulsion Devices

  • Optimal Control of Plasma Discharges for Materials Processing

  • Helicon Plasma Sources 

  • Direct-Current Glow Discharges as Supersonic Flow Actuators

  • Computational Algorithms for Plasma Discharge Modeling

  • Nanosecond Steamer Discharges for Plasma Actuator and Combustion Application

  • Microwave Plasma Discharges for Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Electromagnetic Phenomena in Very-High Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasma Discharges

Prof. Raja's childhood dream conflicted between wanting to being a physicist or an aerospace engineer.  He now tries to walk the middle-ground.