Students and Advising

Student recruiting/selection

Generally, a student will begin working with me only after having been enrolled at UT-Austin for one or more semesters.  My preference is to get to know someone after they have taken one of my courses and we establish compatibility.  This has been my practice for over 20 years, having advised some 19 doctoral students and over 30 masters students (listed below).  I have also worked with many students that are employed full-time elsewhere and pursuing a doctoral degree part-time.  This is difficult and takes more time, but it can be done. 

Current Graduate Students

  1. Joaquin Campos, Pulse forming networks for conditioning and storage of renewal energy sources (Ph.D.)
  2. Andy Chang, TBD  (Ph.D., pre-qualified - DSC area; currently full-time at National Instruments, Austin, TX)
  3. John Osborn, Vehicle handling qualities with application to spacecraft design (Ph.D., pre-qualified - biomechanics area; currently full-time at NASA-JSC, Houston, TX)
  4. Jonathan Gaspredes, TBD (Ph.D., pre-qualified - biomechanics areas; currently full-time at Arthrocare, Austin, TX)
  5. Garrett Idler, Tentative topic - Model-based assertions for verification of cyber-vehicle systems (M.S./Ph.D.)

Graduated Students - Doctoral (reverse chronological order)

  1. Jonathan LeSage, Energy storage-aware prediction/control of mobile systems with unstructured loads (Ph.D.), August 2013 (Now at The Mathworks, Natick, MA)
  2. Clay Hearn, Design and control of flywheel energy storage systems  (Ph.D., co-advised with Dongmei Chen), August 2013 (Research Associate, Center for Electromechanics, The University of Texas at Austin)
  3. Tehmoor Dar, Vehicle-Terrain Parameter Estimation for Small-Scale Robotic Tracked Vehicle, December 2010 (Freescale Semiconductor (MEMS Sensors), Tempe, AZ)
  4. Chinmaya Patil, Robust synthesis of selectively constrained compliant mechanisms for nano-precision machines (co-advised with S.V. Sreenivasan), May 2008 (Eaton Corporation, Southfield, MI)
  5. Junmin Wang, Coordinated and Reconfigurable Vehicle Dynamics Control, May 2007 (Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University)
  6. Chayawee Wangcharoenrung, Development of Adaptive Transducer Based on Biological Sensory Mechanism, May 2005 (Environmental Officer, Water Quality Management Bureau, Pollution Control Department, Thailand)
  7. Fu Zhang, Simulation of dynamic systems with uncertain parameters, August 2004 (The Mathworks, Natick, MA)
  8. Seyoon Kim, A Bond Graph Approach to Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Dynamic Systems, December 2003 (Samsung, South Korea)
  9. Jerry Cuderman, Anti-Lock Braking Performance (with Kurt Marshek), December 2001 (Reed Engineering, Austin, TX)
  10. Marc Compere, Simulation of Engineering Systems Described by High-Index DAE and Discontinuous ODE Using Single Step Methods, August 2001 (Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Embry-Riddle, Daytona Beach, FL)
  11. Hanzhong Zhang, A Moving Boundary Problem in a Distributed-Parameter System with Application to Diode Modeling (with Prof. M. Driga, UT ECE), August 2001 (Applied Materials, San Jose, CA)
  12. Javier A. Kypuros, Variable structure model synthesis for switched systems, May 2001 (Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, TX)
  13. Thomas J. Connolly, Synthesis of Multiple Energy Active Elements for Mechanical Systems, May 2000 (Cockrell School of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin)
  14. Nick Kiritsis, Modeling of Microdialysis Processes and Systems used for In Vitro Experiments, August 1999 (Dean, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, McNeese State University, McNeese, LA)
  15. Hyung Je Woo, Cavity Expansion Analysis of Non-Circular Cross-Sectional Penetration Problems (with S. Bless, UT-IAT), August 1997
  16. Sikhanda Satapathy, Application of Cavity Expansion Analysis to Penetration Problems (with S. Bless, UT-IAT), May 1997 (Scientist, Army Research Lab, Clarksville, MD)
  17. Minhyung Lee, Generation of Shock Waves by a Body During High-Speed Water Entry (with Prof. D. Wilson), December 1995 (Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea)

Other PhD advisees

  1. Shilpa Gulati, Control of Graceful Wheel Chair Motion (co-advised with Prof. Ben Kuipers (CS)), August 2011 
  2. Charles Baroud, Study of turbulence in rotating flows(Co-advised with Prof. Harry Swinney, UT Austin, Physics), December 2001 (Associate Professor (Professeur chargé de cours), Mechanics department of Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France)  

Graduated Students - Master's (reverse chronological order)

  1. Mathew Bissonnette, Adaptive vehicle control by combined DYC and FWS, May 2014
    (Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, CA)
  2. Brad Munoz, Reliability Methods in Dynamic System Analysis, December 2012
  3. Djordje Adnadjevic, Suction Detection in a Motor-Driven Pulsatile Blood Pump, August 2010
  4. Donghwan Kim, Concept Development of Ultrasound Vein Scanner for Needle Insertion Manipulator, August 2010
  5. Jonathan LeSage    Electromechanical Retrofit of Submarine Control Surface Actuators, May 2010
  6. Albert Espinoza, Design and Simulation of an Automated Needle Insertion Mechanism for Vascular Access, May 2009
  7. Clay Hearn     Modeling of Ultracapacitor and Battery Energy Storage for a Plug-In Hybrid Fuel Cell Shuttle Bus, December 2008
  8. Theodore Gilbert, Development of an Interactive Tracked Vehicle Simulator, August 2008
  9. Dannelle Sierra, Modeling and Simulation of an Electric Powered Rear-Wheel Driven Wheelchair, December 2007
    (Sandia Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM)
  10. Jeffrey Krol , Design and Implementation of a Mock Circulatory System for the Evaluation of LVADs, December 2007
  11. Amiee Quon, Surgical Robotics (report), May 2007
  12. Alex Bjelica, Design of an Automated System for Insertion of a Tube into the Human Thoracic Cavity, May 2007
  13. Jerad Park, Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of an Automatic Reconfigurable Shipboard Power System, May 2006
    (US Digital, Vancouver, WA)
  14. Fernand Thomassy, Traction Modeling in Continuously Variable Transmissions, May 2006
    (Fallbrook Technologies, Austin, TX)
  15. Michael Mosley , Evaluation and Modification of the TxDOT Mobile Load Simulator, December 2005
    (KFAB PMT Equip. Engineering, Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX)
  16. Thomas D. Pate, Design and Development of a Circular Left-Ventricular Assist Device, August 2005
    (TVA Medical, Austin, TX)
  17. Tehmoor Dar, Traction Force Models for Small-Scale Robotic Tracked Vehicles, August 2005
    (Freescale Semiconductor (MEMS Sensors), Tempe, AZ)
  18. Javier Solis, Modeling and Simulation of a Robotic Tracked Vehicle in Off-Road Terrains, May 2005
    (Fallbrook Technologies, Austin, TX)
  19. Christiaan Best, Modeling the Rock/Running Gear Frictional Interface, May 2005
    (Green Revolution, Austin, TX)
  20. Chance Meek, Optimization of Switching for Electric Ship Power System Topologies, December 2004
    (Millennium Engineering and Integration, Colorado Springs, CO)
  21. Jarrett Goodell, Simulation and parameter sensitivity studies of skid-steering and Ackerman steering on an eight-wheeled vehicle, May 2004
  22. Joaquin Campos, Bond Graph Modeling of the Jeffcott Rotor, August 2003
  23. Chinmaya Patil, Anti-lock Brake System Re-design and Control Prototyping using a One-Fifth Scale Vehicle Experimental Test-bed, August 2003
  24. Gilberto Lopez, Tire-surface characterization for vehicle dynamics and control applicationsIDEO, Palo Alto, CA, December 2002
  25. Anish Mathews, Implementation of a Fuzzy Rule Based Algorithm for Adaptive Antilock Braking in a Scaled Car, December 2002
  26. Amrou Al-Sharif, Design and Development of a Scaled Test Laboratory for the Study of ABS and other Active Vehicle Systems, August 2002
  27. Raylon M. Yow, Effects of Constraint Representation on Computer Simulation Run Time of Planar Mechanisms with Closed Loops, August 2002
  28. Clark Anderson, A Simulation Study Comparing Electric and Conventional Power Trains on an All-Terrain Vehicle, December 1999
  29. Chayawee Wangcharoenrung, Modeling of the Mammalian Mechanism of Hearing, May 1999
  30. Javier A. Kypuros, A Wave Scattering Approach for Modeling Switched Power Converters, May 1998
  31. Vinoo Naranayan, Design of an Active Inertial Vibration Absorber for the Space Shuttle Ergometer, December 1994
  32. Sanjay Rajagopalan, Optimal control of hydroelastic oscillations of flexible structures under time-dependent flow, May 1994
  33. Chang-Ho Kang, Comparison of Six Numerical Schemes for Solving Impulsively Started Flow Around a Circular Cylinder, May 1993