News & Perspectives

Recognition of Excellence

Dr. Annie Weathers has been selected as one of Caltech's 2017 Young Investigator Lecturers in Engineering and Applied Science
Engineers Receive $22.8 Million from DOD for Cross-Disciplinary Projects
2-Dimensional Research Wins 3-Dimenstional Career Award
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Wins Streetman Prize
Li Shi Elected APS Fellow
Mechanical Engineering Professor Receives TAMEST Award
JaeHyun Kim and Mir Mohammad Sadeghi received the Warren A. and Alice L. Meyer Endowed Scholarship in Engineering
Pat Jurney received First Place Poster Award in 2011 UT ME Graduate Research Poster Contest
Insun Jo received Poster Presentation Award in 2011 UT Nanonight
Annie Weathers Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Michael Pettes received Best Poster Award in 2010 UT ME Graduate Research Poster Contest
Michael Pettes received Best Poster Award in 2009 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston
Mary Moore received Best Student Presentation Award for the Graduate Portfolio Program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Mary Moore received the "Most Innovative Research Presentation" award in the Graduate and Industry Networking (GAIN) Presentation Competition
Jae Hun Seol and Feng Zhou Awarded David Bruton, Jr. Gradaute Fellowship
Sanjoy Saha Awarded David Bruton, Jr. Graduate Fellowship
Mary Moore received First Place Poster Award in 2009 UT ME Graduate Research Poster Contest
Texas Students Win $25K at ORNL Nano Competition
Michael Pettes and Sarah Ruch Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Prof. Li Shi received Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award

Newsworthy Discoveries

Semiconductor crystals achieve record thermal conductivity
New semiconducting crystal rivals diamond for heat conductivity
Boron arsenide crystals could cool computer chips
Researchers upend conventional wisdom on thermal conductivity
Researchers Discover Unique Atomic Motion in Thermoelectric Material
Making graphene work for real-world devices
Heat-conducting polymer cools hot electronic devices at 200 degrees Celsius
Nano Portfolio Program Student Publishes Article in PNAS
Disk-shaped nanoparticles more easily absorbed than rods
Professors Advance Nanoparticle Research for Health Applications
Graphene Spreads the Heat
With Support, Graphene Still a Superior Thermal Conductor
Graphene's Thermal Conductivity
Graphene, the Promising "Wonder" Materials for Nanoelectronics, Now Passes Heat Transfer Test
Carbon Sheets Offer Cool Solution for Computers
Graphene, "Wonder" Materials for Nanoelectronics, Passes Critical Test
Nanotube Thermal Measurement Used as a Text-Book Example in Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by Incropera, DeWitt, Bergman, and Lavine
NanoThermo Research Cited as One of the Notable Accomplishments from NSF CTS Awards
Nanobelts Tackle Nerve Gases
UT Researching Small Detectors
Nano Sensor 'Immune' to Toxins It Detects
Engineers Develop Biowarfare Sensing Elements
Engineers Develop Inexpensive Biowarfare Sensing Elements
Postdoc's Work Leads to Bio Sensing Device
UT Nanobelts Tackle Nerve Gases
Thermoelectricity in Semiconductor Nanostructures
University of Texas at Austin Engineers and Physicists First to Measure Thermo-electric Power at Nano Level
Tiny Research Could Net Huge Discoveries
Chemical and Engineering News
Scanning Thermoelectric Microscopy