Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Graphene Exfoliated on Silicon Dioxide


J. H. Seol, Moore, A. L., Jo, I., Yao, Z., and Shi, L., “Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Graphene Exfoliated on Silicon Dioxide,” Journal of Heat Transfer, vol. 133, pp. 022403, 2011.


We have developed a nanofabricated resistance thermometer device to measure the thermal conductivity of graphene monolayers exfoliated onto silicon dioxide. The measurement results show that the thermal conductivity of the supported graphene is approximately 600 W/m K at room temperature. While this value is lower than the reported basal plane values for graphite and suspended graphene because of phonon leakage across the graphene-support interface, it is still considerably higher than the values for common thin film electronic materials. Here, we present a detailed discussion of the design and fabrication of the measurement device. Analytical and numerical heat transfer solutions are developed to evaluate the accuracy and uncertainty of this method for thermal conductivity measurement of high-thermal conductivity ultrathin films.