Current PhD Students:

  1. Sooyoung Choe, expected graduation Aug 2015
  2. Yuanshen Ji, expected graduation May 2017
  3. Jay Choi, co-advised with Stephen Mulva

 Current MS Students:

  1. Ryan Griego, expected graduation Aug 2016
  2. Richard Mahn, expected graduation Dec 2015
  3. Arturo Monarrez, expected graduation Dec 2015
  4. Jingran Sun, expected graduation Dec 2015
  5. Anthony Daou, expected graduation Dec 2015

Past PhD Students:

  1. Dr. Dan Seedah, Dec 2014, currently Vice President of Engineering, Transmetric America, Inc.
  2. Dr. Li Wang, Aug 2014, currently Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Coordinator, Austin Commercial
  3. Dr. Christopher M. Stoppel, Aug 2013, U.S. Air Force, currently Squadron Commander, Royal Air Force Base, United Kingdom
  4. Dr. Xiaowei Luo, co-advised with William O’Brien, May 2013, currently Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Past MS Students:

  1. Bijen Malla, May 2015, currently Rogers-O’Brien Construction, in Austin, TX
  2. Anas Malaeb, Aug 2014
  3. William Barry, May 2014, currently at Austin Commercial, in Dallas, TX
  4. Daniel F. Jacobsen, May 2014
  5. Thierry Chalhoub, Dec 2013
  6. Cristina Calderon, Dec 2013
  7. Wenxiang (Wendy) Sun, Dec 2013
  8. Claire Powers, Dec 2013, currently at Austin Commercial, in Austin, TX
  9. Caroline Grant, Aug 2013
  10. Prasad Dali, Aug 2013
  11. Olfa Hamdi, co-advised with William O’Brien, Aug 2013, currently at Independent Project Analysis, Inc., in Ashburn, VA
  12. Luis Aldana, Dec 2012, currently at Sigma Inmobiliaria, in Guatemala
  13. Puneet Anil Nathu, Dec 2012
  14. Chris Kekicheff, Aug 2012, currently at McCarthy Building Companies, in Oakland, CA
  15. Sooyoung Choe, May 2012, currently PhD student in my lab
  16. Ankit Bhatla, Dec 2011, currently at WorleyParsons, Houston, TX
  17. Sarah Meeks, co-advised with William O’Brien, Dec 2011, currently at ExxonMobil, Houston, TX
  18. Nitin Gulati, co-advised with Jim O’Connor, May 2011
  19. Li Wang, Dec 2010, currently Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Coordinator, Austin Commercial
  20. Patrick Ryan, Dec 2010, currently at U.S. Air Force’s Planning, Design, and Construction Branch of the Health Facilities Division