Ph.D. Students and Alumni

  1. Jeriad Zogbhy, "Crictical Arc Strategies for the Reentrant Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Setups.'' Graduated September 2002.
  2. Ronald Billings, "A Heuristic Method for Scheduling and Dispatching of Factory Production Using Multiclass Fluid Networks.'' Graduated December 2003.
  3. Utku Yildirim, "Stability and Pricing of Queueing Networks." Graduated December 2006.
  4. Current Position: Operations Research Scientist, Prorize, Inc.
  5. Balaji Sampath, "Stability and Scheduling Analysis of the Cambridge Ring Queueing Network." Graduated May 2007.
  6. Burak Buke, "Optimal Draining of Fluid Networks with Stochastic Parameters." Graduated December 2007. Current Position: Faculty member, Department of Mathematics, The University of Edinburgh.
  7. A. Kranthi Mitra, "Scheduling and Control of Stochastic Processing Networks." Graduated August 2007.
  8. Daniel Bauer, "Scheduling the Cambridge Ring.'' Graduated August 2009.
  9. Emrah Zarifoglu, "Planning and Scheduling in Semiconductor Manufacturing." Graduated August 2010.
  10. Jing Zan, "Service Center Staffing Under Joint QoS Constraints." Graduated May 2012.
  11. Jinho Lee, "Stochastic Optimization Models for Rapid Detection of Viruses in Cellphone Networks." Graduated August 2012.
  12. Ziyu Liang, "Variational Problems for Semi-Martingale Reflected Brownian Motion in the Octant." Graduated December 2012.
  13. Fang Lu. In progress.
  14. Emre Arda Sisbot. In progress.