Projects in 2014

January 6, 2014

During the last year we completed a number of important projects and initiated a few others. Several developments stemmed from the interpretation of challenging data sets where conventional well-log interpretation methods did not yield reliable results. We successfully implemented the concept of Common Stratigraphic Framework (CSF) to construct multi-layer static and dynamic petrophysical models that quantitatively honored all the available well logs and core data. In addition, we introduced new methods to rapidly simulate and invert pulse neutron capture logs acquired in layered media. Of special note are unique developments in the calculation of volumetric proportions of mineral and fluid constituents of rocks from the joint inversion of resistivity and neutron logs in multi-layer media, as well as new general methods and software to simulate mud-filtrate invasion in vertical and deviated wells. We are in the process of implemented the concept of CSF for automatic rock classification. These developments are opening new avenues to approach challenging interpretation cases such as those arising in the petrophysical assessment of non-conventional hydrocarbon resources.