High-pressure high-temperature triaxial frame

The triaxial load frame apparatus is composed by: (1) the triaxial frame itself including the pressure vessel, (2) pressure intensifiers to control radial and axial stress, (3) accumulators and injection pumps, and (4) a control panel and acquisition system. Components (1), (2), and (4) have been manufactured by TerraTek Rock Mechanics and Core Analysis Services. Component (3) has been manufactured by an ISCO and by Phoenix Instruments (Limited to 35 MPa). The triaxial cell can host rock specimens ranging in size 1”, 1.5”, 2”, and 4” diameter (Figure 2). Endcaps are equipped with ultrasonic transducers. Maximum working pressure and temperature are 140 MPa and 150°C respectively. The setup is located at the Energy Geomechanics Applied Laboratory (EAGLe) in CPE building on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

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Training videos (UT access only)

01. Sample Setup by Matt Ramos

02. Sample Setup by Matt Ramos

03. Sample Setup by Matt Ramos

04. Sample Setup by Matt Ramos

05. Sample Setup by Matt Ramos

06. Sample Setup by Matt Ramos

07. Sample Setup by Matt Ramos

08. Running Triaxial Test by Matt Ramos

09. Opening Vessel and Shutdown by Matt Ramos

10. Starting Pulser and Oscilloscope by Nicolas Espinoza

11. Starting Terrawave and Saving Setups by Nicolas Espinoza

12. Data acquisition by Nicolas Espinoza