PGE 373L - Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Design

There are two equally important goals in this class:
(1) The solution of engineering design problems based on actual field data.
(2) To develop and demonstrate satisfactory written and oral report preparation and delivery skills.

PGE 424 - Petrophysics

This course reviews fundamentals of the physics of rocks, including the measurement of diverse physical properties. The interpretation of measurements and relationship between physical properties is used to assess subsurface resources and processes.

PGE 383 - Reservoir Geomechanics (GRADUATE)

This course explores the fundamentals of theoretical geomechanics. Topics include general theory of linear elasticity, plasticity, poromechanics and fracture mechanics. The theory is linked to problems of stability of deviated wellbores, hydraulic fracture, reservoir depletion, and fault stability.

Homework and exercises: Github repository