Abhishek D Bihani

Abhishek  D Bihani

Abhishek D Bihani

PhD Student
M.S.E. Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
B.E. Petroleum Engineering, University of Pune, India
CPE 4.172

Research Interests: Pore-scale modeling, Methane Hydrates


Abhishek was born and raised in Pune in India where he completed his undergraduate degree. He worked for two and half years as a Reservoir Engineer at Oil India Limited before coming to UT-Austin. He did his Masters in Petroleum Engineering while researching methane hydrates and is now pursuing his PhD in Petroleum Engineering. His hobbies include browsing 9gag, eating different varieties of food, reading fiction and novel-writing.


Abhishek's current research is funded by Statoil and studies the effects of complex pore and grain geometries on estimates of capillary entry pressure as well as permeability in mudrocks. The goal is to conduct coupled numerical simulation and experimental work to understand the relationship among grain shape, pore shape, permeability and capillary pressure in mudrocks. Studying the effects of pore geometries will allow a more unified perspective on seal capacity in the Gulf of Mexico.