Group Alumni


Dr. Will Hardin, PhD, 2017, Material Science and Engineering

Dr. Amro S Elhag, PhD, 2015, Chemical Engineering 

Dr. Andrew Worthen, PhD, 2015, Chemical Engineering, Currently with Exponent

Dr. Eric Zheng Xue, PhD, 2015, Material science and Engineering, Currently with Evonik

Dr. Robert Stover, PhD, 2015, Material Science and Engineering, currently with Intel

Dr. Ameya U. Borwankar, Ph.D, 2014, Chemical Engineering. Currently with Bristol Myers Squibb

Dr. Yunshen Chen, Ph.D., 2014, Chemical Engineering. Currently with Dow Chemical Company

Dr. Avinash Murthy, Ph.D., 2013, Roche

Aileen K. Dinnin, M.S., 2013, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Ki Youl Yoon, Ph.D., 2012, Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Daniel Slanac, Ph.D., 2012, Chemical Engineering. Currently with DuPont

Brian Willsey, M.S., Materials Science & Engineering, 2011. Currently with Corning

Dr. Li 'Leo' Ma, Ph.D, 2010, Chemical Engineering. Currently with Axalta Coating Systems

Dr. Andrea Miller, Ph.D., 2010, Chemical Engineering.



Dr. Joohyung Lee, 2017 currently with L.G., South Korea

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, 2016 currently with Michelman

Dr. Abhijit Paul, 2015, currently with EEStor

Dr. Esteban E Urena Benavides, 2015. Now Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Mississippi

Dr. Seong D. Kong, 2014. Now research scientist at Emory University.

Dr. Guangzhe 'Greg' Yu, 2014. Now lead engineer at GE Water & Process Technology.

Dr. Jiannan Dong, 2014. Now colloid scientist at Nalco.

Dr. Edward Foster, 2014. Now R&D specialist at Albemarle Corporation.

Dr. Lynn M. Foster, 2014. Now R&D associate at Alliantgroup LP.

Dr. Hitesh Bagaria, 2012. Now at GE Water & Process Technology.

Dr. Csaba Kotsmar, 2010. Now Research Scientist at Clorox.